Friday, September 25, 2015

Prepared to destroy

This was another color test figure, exploring a few new mixes.  I made the base a long time ago as an example for something else, so it was quite handy that he fit on there so well!

It was a very bright Reaper color, called Mint Green.  It's one that I had used a few times last year, but it became set aside in the mayhem since Reapercon 2014 :-)

It makes a very interesting metal color, because it can really contrast in saturation, or color purity, from any sort of weathering or rust colors!

He's also here:

Turning the Paige...

One more Bombshell hits the blog, in the form of Dusty Paige

It was a great opportunity to try out yet another new foliage type which I got from Hangar 18 miniatures.  The yellow on these leaves is so similar to the colors we will be seeing here in just a few weeks!

I also thought that such a lighter color would act as a 'frame' to the figure.  Normally this is done with darker colors around a lighter central interest, but you know how much I like to reverse things!

Just 20 hours left!!!