Monday, February 15, 2016

The Azure Maiden

Here's a fun Reaper miniature that ended up being another experiment.  I wanted to see if it would be possible to put a pattern somewhat similar to this on a dress that had significant folds.

Here she is!  It was a real challenge to do the outer skirts, simply due to the way the folds played out.

The inner skirt had minimal folds, and it was therefor much easier!

I did try to indicate a touch of texture to the designs by making some shadows and highlights within the patterns.

I will be trying more patterns like this with different color schemes, so stay tuned!

She's also here:

Basing Your Wereshewolves, Part II

Time for the conclusion of this basing session on the Raging Heroes Wereshewolves!  It's an incredible set of four beasties...

Here's a scale view (the bases are 50mm)

When we last saw the base, I was starting to fill in the gaps between the bulletin board cork pieces and the original rock sculpted into the figure.  I was also adding more chunks to the back of the base to create more interest.

At this point, I have added even the finest grade of sand.  This creates a wonderful transition, which really shines when it's been painted.

The tree roots which I added to the French Artillery certainly look different at this scale!  

Keep in mind that I secured the 'ends' of the roots by drizzling the very thin glue over the top, and gently sprinkling some of the fine sand on top.

From Secret Weapon Miniatures, we will dig into the Sack 'O Skulls and add some victims to the base!

There you go!  I try to set up 'shelves' such as this with the bark, cork, and so on, so that I have a good spot for these extras.

I always try to work in threes... in a triangle shape.  That is, two skulls together, and one on the opposite side of the base from them.

A quick shot of the completed base.

I thought I would put a little bit of the initial layers of color on the base and figure so that you get a sneak peek at what all that crazy mess looks like in a different context!

Things look a tad more realistic once they have been unified a bit in terms of color, shading... even at this very early stage.  Stay tuned for the painting of the figure itself!