Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting there is half the fun?

Here are a few images of part of the Dark Eldar army that is emerging.  Here we have Ashara's venom, which carries her Incubus retinue.  I had put this one together at the same time that I was converting the jetbikes, hence the extra fins made of plasticard :-)

Gotta have those recent captives!

Here's another venom.  These are still in pieces right now for ease of painting.  That's why the banner is backwards :-)  The ventral splinter cannons have all been magnetized.

The last week, as I have been making bases for dozens of other minis, I worked in the bases for the vehicles.  Three venoms, a raider, the Razorwing jet fighter, the Chronos pain engine, etc...

I put the severed heads on the venoms to represent the grisly trophies.

Much more to come!

The building process is essentially over with these guys, with the exception of the objective markers.  Initial painting has been going on here and there where possible.  One of the squads of Wyches that travel in these venoms is almost painted... stay tuned!!!

More fun with bases!

Here's a few bases that I was working on for the Raging Heroes Kurgonavas.  I wanted to experiment with an old watercolor technique... one where you try to use the chemical content of the paint itself to create interesting effects.

The idea is to put down a layer of transparent glaze, and then toss in some opaque calthan brown.  These things don't want to mix naurally, so they 'resist' each other, almost like two magnets with the wrong polarity.  You can get some interesting swirls and strange patterns as a result.

I did this on a few other bases as well...

I let that dry...

...and did the rest of the normal work.

Some more views...

From above!

Close ups.

How the Uglies play Scrabble

The finished Nurgle base...

Here;s the images of the Nurgle base after completion.  I had some fun putting the cracks on the helmet.  Normally I have some kind of bullet holes there or mostly rust.

The view from above...

The impaled skulls on the chaos vehicle sprues really are fantastic.  I wish I could just get bags and bags of those :-)

So, that's it for this base.  I have some other ones for you tomorrow!