Sunday, December 8, 2013

Team Wappel... not many of these!

Here's something very rare... and something that will be even rarer.  It is a miniature that Cathy and I both worked on.  This one is from Reaper, and it's a mini that she had almost finished.

This is vintage Cathy color scheme.  Greens and earth tones.  If you compare it to the last figure I posted of the CoolMini elf, that is my palette in a nutshell.  Quite an interesting contrast!

I just put the finishing touches on it, so Maria Roseblade  is ready for action!

Obviously, Cathy does not get that much time to paint any more, so I am not sure many more of these will happen.

It's also here:

Do you value your Vestals?

All right... one more group of Vestals in the Drow color scheme.

As always, the group shots really give me a sense of how I carried a particular color scheme over a number of minis.

The gals from Raging Heroes have all sorts of fun little details.

The group expands!

A chorus line of pain!

An entire unit of these ladies would be quite impressive...

Maybe at some point.  Heck, it might end up being the next fantasy army if RH does their Darl Elf kickstarter!

Till then...