Monday, March 12, 2018

Bringing the Heat

The Mantic Salamanders offer a few interesting opportunities for some of my favorite things... painting fire, Object Source Lighting, and combining a lot of contrasting colors.

It is helpful that there are a lot of sharp angled shapes in the sculpt, which means that there are a number of ideal highlight points for something like OSL.  This is something to consider as you think about using this method on a miniature.  I can definitely say that there have been other figures where OSL was requested or required for whatever reason, and the figure itself was not exactly suited for it.

Having lots of deep shadow areas make the "light source" appear that might brighter, while a cooler tone for the skink also enhances the fire effect too in terms of how "hot" it looks.

I did a Facebook Live session on how I like to approach fire, OSL, and so on:

He's also available here: