Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun with skintone shadows

Another barbarian for you today!  As with all the other figures of this type, I get to play around with skin tones, and the shadow areas in particular.

Painting the flesh tones on these figures is always interesting, since the crevices are somewhat deep.  By filling that in with a semi-translucent tannish green, it provides some color depth in an area that could become too dark otherwise.

It is so similar to how I used to paint skin color in oil painting, it makes me fondly recall those days. :-)
In terms of value, this greyed down green is much lighter than the original shadows which were glazed in originally.  The semi-translucent nature of the greenish layer does allow for some of that original red/brown shadow to come through.
That tones down the green by default, as letting the underpainting show through is tantamount to blending.  However, this is "auto blending", which saves a lot of time, and makes it more fun!

Guardian of the Relics

Thus far you have seen some of the characters and leaders of the Holy Order of Man.

I have a series of posts showing the core of the Order, its Spica Hired Hands.

They undergo a brutal (and sometimes deadly) training regimen, which only a tiny few endure to become a Spica.  They are trained in clandestine warfare, hiding in plain sight, much like Special Forces.

They will even restrict the use of their powerful Relic Weapons, so as not to alert the Enemy to their presence.

Bow and axe

I think this character could find a role in a lot of different systems.

It certainly would be an outstanding D & D figure!!

I suppose there are plenty of other RPG systems that come to mind for people. :-)