Sunday, March 4, 2018

Basing Madness!

Green Stuff World just keeps making more and more amazing texture rollers!  I keep finding more and more uses for them, and more genres where they can work.  They are also so easy to use, it has altered the way I do my sculpey basing entirely!

I have many posts on how to use the rollers, but now the roller guides which Green Stuff World created make the process even more simple.  The "plain" roller is used to get a sheet of the Gray Extra Firm Sculpey into the appropriate size and thickness for those roller guides.

Just roll along the ceramic tile, and keep equal pressure with both hands... and poof!

This Triple Hex roller is a new favorite.  I will be making a special video of that roller for the Patreon supporters.  I tested out some new techniques with this during a live session the other day:

While this texture is great for fantasy and steampunk minis alike, my real goal is to use that for my Bolt Action terrain.  This sheet is huge, and just a few of these could create an entire courtyard of a French village, etc.  So, you will eventually see this texture in my Bolt Action battle reports as well!

Here's a peek at some of the bases that I made during that live session.  I was trying to show how to make multiple levels, use "scrap" pieces... as well as the usual process of how to sand and gravel the various sections together.

I hope to do many more live sessions on these basing materials, which are funded by the Patreon Page.  I am also filming some special episodes that will be available to the Patrons each month!

Here's a link to the page: