Tuesday, November 26, 2013

From Olympus, with love

These arrived the other day.  The latest from the War Gods line!  War Gods of Olympus!!

Here is the raw set of minis.

Hecate prepped!!  Fantsatic.

Ares prepped.  Also amazing!!!!

Hades prepped.  Truly spectacular!

And then the Bronze Owl.  He will be lots of fun!

I am making some nice bases for these figures, and I will post images of then as they are painted.  Mr. Fitzpatrick really outdid himself on this entire line, that's for sure.

Great casting.  Very solid, easy to deal with.  No nasty mould line surprises, etc.

Yar! No need to walk the plank...

What does the undead Pirate say?  I don't know.  He probably does not drink a lot of rum.

The base is one of the test pieces that I made for one of the basing videos.

I had some fun mixing the reds for the coat.  I mixed in some seafoam green with the reds to get more of a cooler Burgundy.