Friday, February 10, 2017

Keeping their heads down

While the current version two template rules make this sort of machine gun arrangement less optimal, it is one way to remind me to account for the loader when I am counting up the available rifle shots! :-)

I also thought that it would look nice, and that it would be fun.  Since they are in this prone position, as opposed to the more upright medium machine gun teams, I could have them interact even more thoroughly with the ground, in the form of the Mig AMMO mud paints!

As I have mentioned many times here, I love the difference in texture that the heavy mud pigments provide from the painted sand and gravel of the base.  By carrying the mud onto the figures, it really ties them in well, as if they have indeed been crawling around in that mud!

It also has a softer, smoother texture than the finest sand, which at this scale is still going to be more like tiny pebbles than sand.