Saturday, December 10, 2016

Polar Vortex

Since we are expecting another polar vortex to hit soon (that is, after we are buried in 4-9 inches of snow!), it seems appropriate to post the first of the Winter Germans from Bolt Action.

These are certainly the most unique of the figures I have painted for Bolt Action thus far. I am enjoying the effort of getting more interesting colors in the white sections of the uniforms.  This means incorporating a lot of muted tans, greens and blueish gray.

Working in those subtle tones makes the "white" less boring, and helps to give the figure more shape and contrast.

The original structure of the basing is just like the early war German, British and French figures.  The only exception is that I have added some winter tufts from Army Painter, and finished it off with the crushed glass snow technique from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I will be doing some articles on how these guys are painted, and the snow as well.  Hopefully some of this will be done live as well in the form of some google hangouts.  Things are finally set up for that kind of event, where I have multiple figures at each stage of completion.

Stay tuned!