Friday, April 18, 2014

A hell of a tank...

At long last, I have painted that conversion bit for the Secret Weapon RAV 6 x 6 which you saw in earlier posts.

In this case, it would be the equivalent of a Hellhound, Devil Dog, etc.

If you recall, all I had to do was razor saw the rear section from the turret and magnetize the container bit.  It fit perfectly!  Of course, you could use scale barrels (which Secret Weapon makes!) or make you own from polystyrene tubing.

When you combine this bit with the heavy flamer option, it certainly gives the impression of the flame and chem spitting tanks of Imperial Guard fame.  Yes, I am still refusing to use the 'new' name. :-)

Another nice view of that bit.  I have some freehand that I will apply to it, but I want to get me numbering scheme more locked in before that happens.

This shows you how easy it is to switch out!

And voila!  A whole new tank.  It could be a Chimera, even a Leman Russ if you want (especially if you make something like the side skirts that I made for the Exorcist).

I love how easy it is to change the hull weapon, as well as the turret.

You don't have to add something like this to the back of the turret, but it was pretty simple, and it added so much!

I still do not call the beloved Highlanders by the new name...

Should you be displeased by a certain new vehicle that begins with the letter "T", you could certainly think about using the RAV 6 x 6 from Secret Weapon.

Next, I will show the Immolator version!  Hot stuff coming from the Sisters!

The original conscripts

I snapped a few series of pictures of the conversions that I used as conscripts for the Adepticon army.  I can't remember if these are from Wargames Factory or Warord Games... but the original minis were the Ancient Celts.

By adding a few spare Imperial Guard bits (not calling them by the 'new' name), they instantly became more of a 40k creation.

I gave them the striped pants to create the impression that they were not quite worthy of the tartans of their loftier battle brothers.

They still had their battle woad, however!