Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More color experiments

Trying out new color combinations seems to be the norm rather than the exception for me these days.  I suppose when you are doing this as many hours each day as I am, the sheer entertainment value of it has a definite function!

Everything is new when you are seeing what kind of new mixes you can create, especially in the realm of subtle color transitions.

I was trying to see how many different hues I could establish on the skin colors.  It's a color test for a Blood Bowl Deamonette team, primarily purple in hue, but I don't want that to get too boring.

A few different types of green and teal were introduced into the skin colors, as well as bright pink and burnt sienna.

She's also here:

A steady hand at the wheel

More pirates!  This time, a little fun add on, in the form of the rudder wheel.

I had wanted to do a vignette like this for many years, and getting the wheel to just the right height for this figure took a bit of planning.  All worth it in the end!

She's also here: