Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sneaky and cheeky

Number three of the very odd Myrmidons.

You will be seeing some more of them soon.

And the second batch of Thralls... and their HUGE transport.

On the Edge of success!

There are a few kickstarters that are nearing their close in the coming days, and this is certainly one to follow!

It's The Edge, from Awaken Realms.

I have been very impressed by these figures, and they will be very fun to paint.  

I see the opportunity for all kind of fantastic effects.  I am working on one right now, and it has been fantastic!

I enjoy the dramatic posing...

And the unusual creatures!

Here's a few images from the kickstarter itself, which explain some of your pledge options.

I would be sooooooo excited to paint the Ish platform piece.  Wow!

This is a fun side by side which gives you an indication of what could be done later with a few touches of paint. :-)

They continue to come up with stunning new concepts such as this.  Yes, I must be a part of that!

You can also, right here: