Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Union Gal... at the double quick!

We return to the Wild West with Willa Shaw, a take no prisoners character for the Union faction.

She is very unique among Wild West Exodus characters right now, as she has two incarnations.  First, there is Willa Shaw on foot.  Her synergy with Union Hired hands to go get them to move a bit faster.  That can be very helpful if you have to reach those confounded Reb trenches!

There is also a version where she rides a special Iron Horse, with its own Light Support synergies.  That one is in progress!

Cloak and Dagger

Sorry this is so late, folks!  Between all the crazy storms and the Hawks, I was spending a lot of time turning off electronics and moving things to the basement as the tornado sirens were going off.

I thought it might be fun to have the Dark Sword minis all in one place, so that the various robes, foliage and color schemes could be compared.

Each one had its own unique set of foliage as well.

As for the cloaks, you can get an idea of how I like to carry through the shading.  Having the fine detail and wonderful sculpting of the folds was great, and made my life a LOT easier.

It's also important to have color variations on these relatively large expanses.  Sometimes it meant more gray, or adding some brown, or even tossing in an opposing color to create interest or tone something down.

The view from above definitely gives you a nice look at all three bases.

While all three of these were painted with a relatively muted color scheme, I was still able to get some separation between each one.  Some greens were a bit warmer and saturated, mixing in yellow to lighten them, while others had more of a grayish tone.

The view from above also demonstrates how I tried to get some additional contrast via the foliage.  The figure on the right is a good example, with the bright red flowers next to the muted green cloak.

I hope you enjoyed this set!  There are more Dark Sword figures on the way!!