Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I said... don't mess with my bear!

K-Free is another member of the Wayward Eight.  The little bear is not part of the mini, however... I sculpted that :-)

This was one of the most fun miniatures from the set to paint.  I don't often get to paint pink shirts with flowers!

More views of her beloved bear...

Prepare for a plethora of perfectly practical posts on pretty bases

Get ready for an avalanche of bases!  We start it off with a set of bases I made for our Wild West Exodus games.

Bark and branches featured here, with a special base for Pat Garrett.  Hang 'em high!

I had sculpted a bunch of little snakes for Lizardmen bases a while ago... I finally get to use them now!  I will paint that up as a Diamondback rattlesnake, of course.

One more view...

I used  a few sculpey pieces to carve wood grain texture to create a few bases for guys running around about the town.

And a preview of some Holy Orders bases.

You saw me paint up a few marble test bases for this faction a few months ago.  With the figures in hand, it's for real now!!

Lots of blue and white marble effects coming.

So that concludes this round.

Coming down the pike are numerous base sets from Secret Weapon miniatures... Tau Ceti, Sewer Works, Ancient Temple, Lava and Corpse Fields.  Stay tuned!