Monday, February 25, 2019

A little different

It has been a very long time since I last painted a GW figure that wasn't from Lord of the Rings, so this was interesting.  This guy had to match all those other figures painted from several different miniature ranges.

I have discussed the challenge of matching figures from various ranges before.  It seems like it should be simple, but not only do some figures have very different armor, they also have lots of those "extra" tidbits added... especially if they are newer figures.

With the advent of digital sculpting, adding lots of buckles, straps, feathers, fur, and whatever other little things you can think of is a lot easier, and therefore you see a LOT more of it.  Sometimes the figure itself can be virtually buried under all this gear.

Back in the day, I really enjoyed the Celtos line, because there was a minimum of all those extra things.  The figures were more like a blank canvas, in which you could add (or not add) what you wanted.  I especially wish that the "sculpted freehand" designs were left off miniatures.  I understand why this is the case, but my choice would be for flat banners and cloaks.

This would let me choose what sort of freehand designs that I want, instead of having to try to file them off!