Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Following instructions

Next up from Rubicon is another multi purpose plastic kit!  As always, it is a very high quality set of sprues, encased in a very helpful box, which shows the variants on the back.

Yes, the instructions are as complete as ever, and an amazing decal sheet.  It even has Free French markings!  One of these days I will have to make use of the medic insigia.

A shot of the sprues, with everything nicely spaced for ease of removal.  That reduced tension on the pieces makes it far easier not to snap more fragile pieces in half as you try to get them off the sprues.

At each stage of the assembly, it is clearly defined which piece belongs to which variant...

Fortunately, each vehicle that has drivers such as this also is provided with a outer hull that can be put in place AFTER you have had a chance to paint the crew.

A nice, realistic wheel and track setup, even in areas where it's not very likely to be seen!

You have a choice of two different setups with the boxes, as you can see on the instructions.

The interior of the rear cab can be tricky, and you have to be very aware of where the attachment points are.

The bully pulpit in place at last!

I really like the removable machine guns!  This certainly makes painting easier, and it is a great way to accurately show just how many of those guns you might have paid the points to have.

As I mentioned earlier, the outer shell snaps in place, so I can get to all the vital areas with the paint more easily.

So, it's all set up for painting!  Stay tuned for that stage, because it will be the first U.S. vehicle that I attempt.