Monday, August 26, 2013

A new sculpt from Darkhammer miniatures

The green of the latest sculpt from Darkhammer miniatures has been revealed.  This beastie will be very fun to paint!  Here is the concept art.

The artist did a wonderful job of capturing that concept art, and I am sure the casting quality will be as high as it was for the undead Samurai.

I see lots of fun color combos here!

Can't wait to see the actual figure!

I think I will be using some weathering powders on this guy. :-)

Here are some WIP shots of the Undead Samurai.  I have been doing glazes on it since these were shot...

I have been making a nice Japanese garden base for him, and finding lots of designs for the banner, etc.  Stay tuned!

No more wings...

This was the last of the Big Beastie videos that needed to be done.  I did a little color swatch exercise to begin...

And the dove right in to the Shaded Basecoat.

Lots of big brushes and colors on the palette.

Looks like he might sneeze!

Working the armor...

Must be time to glaze!

One wing glazed, one not.

A different set of shades on the other sides of the wings.

Glazing the armor.

And then there were two!

Dancing along.

Many thanks to Ultraforge for letting me use their big Demons!