Sunday, September 8, 2013

What you see, and what you don't see!

I meant to put this up about 6 hours ago... somehow that didn't happen!  My apologies.

Here you see a collection of miniatures that you might recognize.  Yes, these are the miniatures that were painted for the kickstarter videos.

It was so difficult to put them all in one place, it required an entire 30 x 40 inch piece of matboard!!!

I am not sure what is scarier... the fact that this does not represent all the figures I actually prepped and even painted, or the fact that there are NO bases or terrain pieces in this image!  Those will come during the week.

For nearly every figure you see in this image, there are one or two more that I prepped, based, primed, and even painted.  That is when I was still trying to find out which figure might work best for a given technique, etc.

It took hours to set up these shots and then take the pics, etc.  That's how many there were!  I was trying to reorganize them, since many of these will be part of an auction series on ebay in the next few weeks.

As I have mentioned before, the plan all along was to do something like that to secure additional equipment.  Obviously, there was going to be a whole bunch of minis once this was done.

While I will be bummed to see some of them go, the equipment is definitely needed.  Some of these are not very practical in terms of shipping, so those won't be included.  The vehicles will be incorporated into my Sisters/Imperial Guard army for next year's Adepticon.

It was quite the journey painting all of these.  I learned quite a lot, and I hope that you will be able to learn a few tips as well! :-)

I refined a number of my techniques, and I even developed a few along the way.

Every time I look at these images, I am stunned at just how much there was!  Many thanks to Raging Hereoes, Reaper, Secret Weapon miniatures, Cool Mini or Not, Ultraforge, and so many more!  Thanks to Caius and Mark for supporting the latest effort... to Rich and Marty, Chad, Domus and so many more.

I am still working 12-18 hours a day on this project, if you can believe that.  When you ponder this horde (and the two additonal batches of Terrain and Bases), I guess one should not be surprised.

More on the way!!!!!!

Someone sat in my spot.

Here is the complete set of images on the Sheldon Zombicide character.

I did some Google searches to see what outfit he should be wearing, and I decided to go with the Green Lantern look.  I figured that green would contrast well with all the blood that I would be adding!

Researching the comic books, on the other hand, was far more difficult.  It was a real bear trying to get my hands on any interior art.  I found a few small bits, and tried to paint those in the sections of the paper that stood out the most.

Since this was so tiny, I had to exaggerate the characters and images on those pages, so that you could see Wonder Woman, Batman and even the Joker. :-)

I did some gloss coating of the Molotov cocktails as well...

He is on ebay right now as I try to bring in some funds for additional terrabytes of storage space for the videos!  Here is the link: