Monday, July 25, 2016

Painting Blitz

It's been about a week since I posted the original scratch sculpt images, so I hope that it was worth the wait!  Obviously, the original intent was to paint in most of the more complex textures such as the windows, doors, vents and so on.

That saved a LOT of sculpting time!

This was also my first foray into the waterslide decal realm.  The Baltic cross insignia on the doors were painted by hand, since I didn't have the larger set of decals with various sizes.

I now have the full collection of truck decals, which will be great fun on the horde of Blitzes to come!

The balsa wood sections worked out very well, as the wood really absorbed the paint and the subsequent weathering powder mixes so well.  Who would have thought painting actual wood would make it so easy to make it look like it was made of wood! :-)

These images show that I was able to hide the lack of tread sculpting on the main wheels with the clumps of weathering powders.  Even better, painting the treads on the spare wheel was very easy, and went very quickly!

I will be doing future posts on this type of weathering like you see in the bed of the truck.  This is layers of powders and pigment fixer, alternating light and dark powders.

Also, I learned that plopping clumps of 'dry' powders into a pre soaked surface can create a more natural spread to the batches of mud and dirt.  This was done with Secret Weapon products, but soon I will be experimenting with AMMO products, such as their heavy mud and spatter materials.

I am very eager to see what these will look like!

This roundabout of ground level views shows all the layers of weathering, decals, and painted on textures.  Again, not too shabby for less than 2 hours of sculpting!

The only real size reference that I had was one of my Laffly trucks.  I was shocked when I saw this side by side with the real Warlord Opel Blitz!  Using only a few images that I grabbed from the web, I had matched most of the dimensions exactly or within fractions of inches.

Next, there will be some 'official' Opel Blitz trucks, in a variety of  color schemes.  There will be some DAK, winter and late war German versions as well, so stay tuned!!