Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swinging wildly...

Red Box time again!

As often happens, my palette morphs and changes over time.  I have already mentioned how all of the WWX and other figure lines pushed me towards the muted browns and tans with hints of green, etc.

Speaking of greens, I have been using greens as a highlight and midtone color so much more!

I have even been mixing light greens and pinks to make grey.  This is something I will do on sword blades and other metals.  When combined with some blueish highlights, you'd be surprised at just how correct that all looks!

Wolf riders

I always thought that the first Privateer Press cavalry figures I'd paint would be Raptors for a Legion of Everblight army.  However, it turned out to be Tharn wolf riders instead :-)

Having painted the infantry versions of these figures, I already knew what had to be done.  The wolves had to be closer to black than a typical white/grey color.

There will certainly be more where this came from in the long term...