Saturday, March 9, 2019

It's in the Bag!

For quite a while, I wanted to have a decent dice bag for our games of Bolt Action.  While there are plenty of options on the Warlord site, I was also hoping for something which could be utilized for other games or purposes.

This hand made custom leather bag from Armored Wolf did just the trick!

You can get an idea of the scale comparing it to the dice and surrounding figures.  Without a doubt, you can get plenty of order dice inside!

Since I tend to play larger games with a fair mount of order dice, having a bigger bag is handy.  Also very handy is the leather string which can close off the bag, just in case I don't have my usual dice carrying boxes.  I was able to fit 30+ order dice and 32 large regular dice into the bag with no problem at all!

The dice bags are a custom order, which means you can have just about any color combo you need.  Other elements can be added such as leather tooling for unit/army/national insignia, etc.  Here's the Etsy location where you can contact them:

Eventually I will have a bag made for my French forces, and probably another for my Winter Soviets.  As I mentioned before, this is the most generic bag that is available, at $55.

The dice in the image are from Dice of War, of course, who make dozens of amazing dice for anything you could possibly want!  I loved my Fallschirmjager sets that I used for Operation Sting last November.  You have seen me using them in my Battle reports all the time... here's an example from my YouTube channel: 

I will be bringing this along with me to Adepticon so that I can use it for my Song of Ice and Fire tournament action!  The leather is just soft enough to close easily, but stiff enough to hold its shape even with a bunch of dice inside.  The bottom is flat and fully stitched by hand.

This high quality bag is really amazing in person, and I have seen super customized designs that blow your mind.  You want some shell casings stitched in... some tooled insignia or even shoulder badges?  Let your imagination run wild.  I certainly plan on it!