Saturday, July 11, 2015


The Law takes many forms in Wappelville.  It can even be administered by the Iron Men of law enforcement, the UR-30 Lawbots.

They patrol the streets of Wappelville 24 hours a day, never tiring, and never showing mercy.

Strict adherence to the law is mandatory, and summary executions are the programmed response.

Better think twice about jaywalking next time.

Getting familiar with your kitties

Here's a fun double set from Dark Sword Miniatures!

It was a real blast to paint some Siamese cats for the first time.  I had done a 2D painting with a Siamese years ago, but this was entirely different.

Of course, the lady was fun as well!

I tried to have complimentary colors between the two sets of figures, with not too much contrast.

Making them cohesive but different was a challenge, but worth it!

They are also here: