Monday, June 8, 2015

Contain yourself.

I mentioned some step by step painting of Burn In Designs terrain pieces that are coming soon.

Here's a preview... one of the many fun shipping containers!

As you might be able to see by the notches at the top, these can be stacked, just like the real thing!

The truck rig is very sweet!

Nice wide doors...

And you will be able to stack them up just like these:

I wanted to paint them something other than grey, so I did the Google thing and found a lot of great reference images.

There is a lot of information written on the sides of these, and I looked up a variety of ways in which it's designated on the containers.  This will make each side of the container have a bit of interesting freehand to check out!

Of course, no shipping container would be complete without a corporate logo.  A few minutes in Photoshop and I had this ready!  It is one of three logos which will be featured on the various containers.

I wonder if I should have this made into a t-shirt.  It follows along the same line as my "Earth First: We'll strip mine the other planets later" theme. :-)

To give you a sens of scale, we have a set of Victoria Miniatures Highland Moss Guard.

Stay tuned for much more!!