Friday, January 31, 2014

Dance the night away

Another fun Reaper Miniature.  This one was used for the Painting Dark Skin video for the Painting Pyramid series.

Painting this color of skin requires a lot of subtle transitions... making sure you balance warmer and cooler shades.  Also, a few higher saturation areas need to be added so that the skin color does not become too gray.

All in all, a very fun mini!

She is also here:

Sometimes you just can't remember...

Well, there are those times when, even though you are staring the images straight in the face, you just can't recall when you painted a particular figure!

I know I painted this, but I have not been able to remember when.  Probably between 2008-2010.

I think it was a Sergeant figure that I did some conversions on... mostly involving the cloak.

I have also dug up some very interesting WIP images that have never been processed from long ago figures.  Those will be very fun!!!  Stay tuned!.