Monday, September 30, 2013

The Sarge

Time for another of the Smurf Termies.  I am not quite sure when the next experiment in metallics might be, but there are a few projects that are candidates.

I will be curious to see how all that would turn out.  For the moment, I would assume that terrain will continue to be the testing ground.

Another view of the squad...

Shiny too...

Years ago, I had a task to match some Smurfs, which was a little unusual.  I had to use metallic paints in some limited ways, which was certainly different for me!

I found that a lot of what I was doing with my glazes could be transferred to the very alien type of paint.  It would certainly not me my first choice of material, since as a 'regular' two dimensional painter, there are no such things as metallic paint.

Since then, I have used metallic on other limited projects.  I have taken to mixing them with regular paints, especially on terrain pieces.  This gives some interesting results!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shades of Grey

OK, so now we have the first collection of views from the cobbled together Grey Knight monstrosity.

The contrasts of the slate colors and reds was a blast to carry through, punctuated with the white bands.

There were also plenty of chances to do my usual Inquisition freehand stuff.  When I covered those in spots with the Secret Weapon weathering powders, it seemed to make them 'belong' even more.

As painful as these are to deal with (as just about every flyer seems to be!) they present to prefect opportunity to do these streaks that don't work on 'grounded' vehicles.

I have some flying views of this as well.

So stay tuned!

The last one...

OK, here's the last of the Command guys :-)

Then, it's on to the termies... with actual metallics, believe it or not!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A little peek

Here's a peek at something that was cobbled together using hideously miscast parts, leftover plastic pieces from a regular Stormraven I had won in a painting contest, and some other pieces.

It was a test of what I could do with my slate colored Grey Knights, which you have seen many times here.

I had the most fun on the red and white areas, since that helped to hide the craziness of the pieces.  Forgeworld has a tendency to send not enough or the wrong parts.  Like three right side engines!!
I have more images of this guys coming...

I think I may have done a step by step article on the base way back when.
Anyway, it was a fun experiment overall.

Blue skies...

Yes, more blue guys.  Two by two, hands of blue...

These were certainly some hefty hunks of metal, as all the command figures were!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The ghost of bases past...

Here are some images of bases I made ling ago for some terminators (pics coming tomorrow) using some very simple materials.

Nothing terribly fancy.  Just some cork, some bits, some glue, some grass, and some paint.  I have made some bases that are so incredibly complex, I forget at times that even very basic stuff like this can be effective.

I guess I am after very specific themes with my bases, trying to set a story for every army.  Obviously, these are quite generic, all purpose stuff.

Still, basic can still be purty! :-)

Still feeling blue?

Well, exploring through the archives I found a ton of Smurfs!  Just in time for a new codex.

I will start with some command figures, and then move on to some terminators.

I had lots of fun with this base!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One more time

Here's the last of Cathy's Malifaux.  Some of you might recognize the barrel.  This was something Cathy sculpted a while back, and it was the inspiration for a part of one of the basing videos.

Ironically, this barrel turned out to be almost the exact size of Cathy's sketch, sight unseen :-)

So, all that needs to be done is some painting!

Another Mantis...

That time again folks.  Time for another Mantis Warrior from Raging Heroes.

Still working on more of these gals!

I think I will also try them in a different color scheme...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These skinks have a buddy or two...

I guess it's time for some group shots!  This time, on another one of the decorative plaques that I made.

Originally, this was created for a unit of cold one riders.  That was for my first Golden Demon comp in 2007.  I remember that unit getting a silver.  I used this plaque for some Salamanders at Adepticon a few years later, and the won a Rogue Demon.

I have always liked this plaque, but didn't use it for group shots such as this.  Time to rectify that!

It's very cool to see units off of the movement trays and gathered together in this way.  Of course, having an entire collection of LED daylight bulbs helps this sort of photography in more ways than I can describe.

I will go through more units like this.  Lots of fun!

I hope you folks don't mind :-)

So, onto something else!

Mantis Warriors from Raging Heroes

Back to some Mantis Warriors, this time from Raging Heroes.

I have some more of these that I have been working on for a while now, so hopefully those will show up soon :-)

Here she is with one of her sisters!

An entire unit of these would look very interesting out on the table...

More on the way...