Friday, July 10, 2015

Kabuki intro

I hadn't had a chance to paint one of the Kabuki Miniatures until this Leona Lobo figure happened.

I thought that I would try out the Realistic Water on the background piece, just to see what it might look like.

It was a fun textural difference, and seemed to give it more of an alien look.

She's also here:

The Blue Mage

Yes indeed!  Another Reaper classic.  I have had these around for many years, and it is very fun to finish them off at last.

Interestingly enough, my color palette has changed in a huge way over the intervening years.  It used to be much more like this, with lots of blues and reds.

Because of much of the subject matter I have painted in the last 3 years in particular, greens, browns, and other more muted earth tones have been the focus.

I suppose that painting all the WWX figures are the prime reason, but many of the other companies have been pushing towards those earth tones as well.

It is nice to get back to the old palette once in a while!

She's also here: