Sunday, December 27, 2015

They say it's Magic

Is it Magic, or Reality?

It's some more new miniatures from Magic Reality.

Meet Sophie!  Ready to steal your heart in any era. :-)

I enjoyed this concept art sketch, so I will be trying to replicate this as faithfully as possible.

I thought I might show you some other figures from Magic Reality, which are also available on their website:

This image will give you a sense of the scale on some of the figures.

I think this will also be fun to paint!  A steampunk zombie hunter! 

A killing joke...

This is an interesting old Reaper figure.  It wasn't until I had been painting on it for a bit that I actually realized what he was :-)

Somehow all of his accessories did not give me the immediate clue that he is an undead jester!  I'm still glad that I ultimately chose much more muted versions of the purples and reds for his cap and robes, however.

I guess it would have been pretty funny to sculpt some additional bells or something on him...

There's one more of these old Reaper undead characters still around, so I will have to think up a fun setting for him.