Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yes, I like painting this color of skin...

Here is another Fantasy Blood Vestal from Raging Heroes.

While I enjoy the standard Dark Elf scheme I have done for these ladies, I enjoy painting this darker skin.  There is a greater variety in the amounts of colors that I use, a full range of purples, pinks, grey, even green!

The 'green' that I am talking about is the green of the hair... a muted, grayed down seafoam green.

She is also on ebay here:

Time for a three way

This last set of images shows another one of the 40k versions, minus the BossPole.  I was just curious to see what he would look like without one, so I used that for the Painting Pyramid video for the Shaded Basecoat technique.

There was a great variety of surface types... armor, skin, weapons, etc., so I could really go all out!

It's pretty wild to see them all together.  I took a few different approaches to painting them as further experiments.  The final version was painted in a different manner than the first two.  Lots more middle tone work right away using the "light glaze" technique.  That is, mixing glaze colors with regular paint to make a semi-opaque glaze.

Painting that over the top of darker colors tints them in a reverse manner than tinting a lighter color and making it darker.  This is especially fun on skin tones, but also on metal surfaces as well.  It can give them a more reflective feel.