Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lucky Charms

This 54mm figure was part of a demo at GenCon, showing how to maximize various shades and tones of brown, making them more of less saturated, or more green, yellow, etc.

This is illustrated here, as you see the differences in the hair color and the skirt.  One is more muted and reddish, the other is more saturated and warmer.  The top is more of a greenish brown by comparison.

I tried to incorporate greenish tones wherever possible, even on the skin tones.

These shots show the scale of the figure, and demonstrate how the grayish tones of those bases are designed to set off the figure... despite the relatively muted colors of the figure.  Still, I wanted to add the rust colors in order to bring down the oranges that you see in the hair.

One last look at Lucky!