Friday, April 10, 2015

Certainly not a lax work schedule...

Here's another type of Mechanicum unit that you have not seen.  This is the first of nine that I painted.

The base is 40mm, so they are roughly terminator sized.

It's called a Thallax Cohort.  Stay tuned for more!

150 years ago... a very different time

A few years ago, Marty and I did the team tournament at Adepticon, using the Wretched Alliance of Appomattox as the theme.

His Iron Brigade 'Union' Dwarves had to ally themselves with my 'Confederate' Chaos Dwarfs.

I converted all sorts of miniatures for the army, including a scratch built vehicle.  These Bull Centaurs were chief among the conversions.  You can find a few articles on the construction here:

I have other articles on the Deathshrieker:

An article on the Dwarf unit:

I tried to match the way that Marty had sculpted and painted his Iron Brigade, which was a very unique project to say the least!

We had a TON of fun building the display board.

And yes, we dressed the part!!!