Friday, September 5, 2014

Songs from the wood...

Here's something fun!  Very nice wood pieces from Markshire Studios:

As you can see, there's a wide variety of very special wood types to choose from.

I have to figure out some special things to do with these... that preserves all the wonderful textures and wood grains!

There are probably a few minis that I can just use as a base...

Perhaps I can also combine some of the tree bark and mica bases with these.  I had even thought of having a sculpted tree growing out from one of these.

To get an idea of scale and size, I put a 28mm figure in the image.

So, off to find some fun things to do with these fantastic wood pieces!

Seeing spots

I was working on a few camo patterns for late war German vehicles.  One of them was the mottled, spotty pattern.

I had loads of fun with them!

Secret Weapon washes have been very handy for shading and tinting these.

And for some comparisons next to the regular gray early war scheme.

More fun to be had!

A preview of some of the upcoming patterns...