Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Favorite characters of all time.

Here's a figure near and dear to my heart... it's an old Inquisitor scale (54mm) miniature, which I used years ago when we played the Inquisitor RPG game.

The character was named Calpurnia, and she was a Master Chastener.  Her job was to explain your guilt to you, and proceed with punishment.  Innocence proves nothing.

The freehand patterns associated her with my Witchhunter army, the Sisters of the Raven.

I have a few blog posts explaining the story behind that army, which was eventually created for the 2014 Adepticon tournament.

Here she is on the alternate backdrop... and she's also on ebay:

Tau Ceti bases

Here's a great set of bases from Secret Weapon, called Tau Ceti.

These are the 50mm versions.

And the 40mm.

While there's a lot of great textures, it's clear that just about any footprint will work with these!

As with all the Secret Weapon sets, there are multiples of five... five of the 40mm, and ten of the 30mm.  The first batch of 5 in this image...

And five more!

The entire set, available from Secret Weapon Miniatures.