Monday, March 27, 2017

An Old Classic

We are back from Adepticon, and the long process of unpacking rebuilding the various work areas begins!  Many new projects await, and I can also get back into all the one which are well under way!

A lot of exciting things happened while we were there, including some fun spontaneous demos, talking about the oil paints, and even a side by side painting demonstration in the Trenchworx booth.

I have several new materials to try out, such as the new oil paint "sticks" from Mig AMMO, new Wild West Exodus figures, Eden miniatures and Historical figures from Footslogger.

Finally, with the help of generous friends from both north and south, the Facebook live broadcasts should look very different in the near future!  I think it will make them easier to see, and give me a host of new options to present the material (such as toggling back and forth between what I a painting and a blog post as reference).

I want those to be as informative as possible, so that people can get the most out of them!!

Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who hung out with me, or tracked me down on my many forays around the convention.  That means a lot!