Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Orcs on the Field!!

Today we introduce the Orc team from RN Estudio.

Here's a link to the website:

Let's start with the biggest of the big... the baddest of the bad.  Mr Troll!

No Orc team is complete without Black Orcs!!

How about some blitzers!!

I still like to toss the ball around, even when I'm playing Orcs, so I gotta have some throwers...

And then there's those old reliable linemen... or should I say cannon fodder!  Don't let them know...

Pesky little Goblins to hop over the line, sneak through a gap with the ball, or perhaps toss a bomb!  That outta clear a space!

This team is not without some serious star power, represented by these lads.

Just like the Lizardman team from a week ago, these are extremely well sculpted and cast!  It's very easy to prep them, with minimal mould lines and minimal individual parts.  In fact, nearly all of them are one piece casts, which is ideal for blood bowl!

Things get rough out there on the field, so we don't need lots of dainty pieces!!  Give these guys a try!

Sheriff Jane

Meet Sheriff Jane from Reaper Miniatures!

Lots of fun with subtle browns, tans and even blue-greys on this one.

For the coat, I did a mix of Reaper Brown Liner paint with a light flesh color.  This created a very different sort of greyish brown.  The intensity of the pigments in the liner paints causes interesting results when you mix lighter colors with them.

You would normally expect a much warmer brown to result from that mix, but you get that nice, cool, deep grey-brown instead.

It becomes even more neutral when you surround that with more saturated colors, and warmer tones.

She's also here: