Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A new pattern

While the poses of these Lord of the Rings 1st age Elves are very similar to one another, I attempted to get some variety in the freehand patterns.

I thought this might give them a more individual and unique look, and not so much cut and paste!

I had kept the basing quite simple on them as well, since I was still getting used to the Lord of the Rings system at that time.

No Laughing Matter

With all the activity in recent weeks, I have not had a chance to finish off the Laffly trucks completely.   However, I thought that it might be fun for you to see some images of what they look like before all of those finishing touches.

This is the Tank hunter version.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the gun is magnetized so that I can set it on to a standard gun mount for the non self propelled version. :-)

I was quite happy with these, given the minimal expense and extremely short amount of time spent constructing them from pink foam and plasticard.

I have some very fun shots of these vehicles seeing some action in our first Bolt Action battle report.  They did far better than I ever imagined!

There are a few things that I want to add to all the Laffly trucks, and that would be some pintle mounted MMG's.  The transport versions have two of them, so I will try to replicate what was done in this scratch built version.

I now have more of the transports, so there will be a lot of articles on the painting and weathering of each vehicle.  Stay tuned!!