Monday, April 1, 2013

A base for the Raider...

Unlike every other army I have done, this one is pretty unique in more ways than one.  It hit me about a week ago that none of my other armies had transports that needed bases!

Normally, I can base my infantry in any method I choose, and just paint the transports.

Instead, all these skimmers have their own bases, and I figured that I should at least try to make them match the infantry that they are carrying somewhat.

Here, you can see that I tried to make the base for the Raider as similar to the Grotesques as possible.

There are a few Grotesques with this kind of base, so I think it should be pretty neat!

I am looking forward to the group shots of the Grotesques with the Raider!!

If possible, I am trying to get one Grotesque painted which will look like it is jumping off the Raider.  This will really let everyone know exactly what unit is on board :-)  It will be magnetized, so that he can join the rest of the unit if I have the points to include him in future games.

A lot of hot air?

Any time I get to do non standard flesh tones, it is always fun!  When freehand is also involved... even better!!

Here is another one of those Fenryll figures from back in the day.  This time it is an Air Genasi.

Contrasting those cooler fleshtones against the much warmer armor and clothing was a blast.

More pieces and parts...

OK folks... wrapping up another long day.

I thought you might like to see a few images of another Venom as it is painted in individual sections and parts.  It is so much easier this way!

This is the last cockpit I will have to paint.  Of course, I learned the best way to do it just as I don't need to do them any more... :-)

The base!  While these have an obvious decorative purpose, they also act as counterweights.  All the sculpey under the panel weighs much more than the Venom itself, which will keep the whole thing from falling over on any sort of tilted or rough terrain.


And then a few shots of the various pieces.

Still lots more to do... weathering, dullcoate, glosscoate, and the canopy, etc.

Guess who was all excited this morning!

Somebody stopped by to drop off eggs...