Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rally 'Round the Flag

Here we have a combination of various Victoria Miniatures parts used to create a standard bearer for the Imperial Guard contingent.  Some arms here, some legs there, a little paper, some Games Workshop bits, and there he is!

The broken column is from Secret Weapon miniatures.  It was even nicer to paint than I thought it would be.

I decided to use some symbols from the Sister's contingent.  These appear on bases, vehicles, robes and so on.

If I have time right before Adepticon, I will do a few little touches here and there.  That's pretty much the story for the entire army.  Get it ready to go, and then get fancier if there's time!

Lots more to come!!!  Stay tuned...

It takes a Saint

Time to introduce the Warlord of the Sisters of the Raven.  The Living Saint... Saint Morrigan.

Dealing firey doom to all mutants and heretics, she wields her version of the Ardent Blade.

Obviously I had some fun with the fluorescent paints!  Multiple light sources such as this present challenges.  It creates a lot of havoc in your shadow areas, and it's even more daunting when there are so many light colors which are already pretty warm.

This meant 'cooling down the flesh tones as much as possible, and getting more green into the gold armor.  That would provide at least a slight contrast to the super warm, super saturated flame reflections without making it too dark.

Of course, the old saying is that "you must have dark to show light".  You can mix all the white in the world into your light source, but if it's not up against at least a heavy middle tone, it will be no dice for your light!

Here she is displayed among a few of her troops.