Thursday, September 3, 2015

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Following the desperate struggle the Holy Order fought against Carpathian and his dastardly creatures, the citizens of Wappelville had begin to spread rumors about shadowy figures wielding arcane, but yet extremely powerful weapons.

They spoke of a giant wheel which was spotted in the woods just outside of town which spouted blue flame over great distances, and an "old man" who seemed to be controlling it all.

Wasn't this the same old "prospector" that they had seen hobbling around the entrance to the abandoned mine?  Townsfolk called him Crazy Louie.

With their cover blown, it looks like the Holy Order of Man will have to take up a much more 'active' role in and around Wappelville.  There are some tasks for which the Lawmen of Wappelville cannot be trusted, as they are also being manipulated by The Enemy.

A new, cunning band of Outlaws, known as the River Gals, had entered the town during the mayhem of the fight against the Enlightened.

As usual, the Holy Orders had very few to answer the threat.  Old Man Abner would lead them once again.

Unlike the ambush outside of town, the Holy Order would have to move as quickly into the town as possible.  This would make them extremely vulnerable to any sort of long range weaponry.

The River Gals had "procured" a flame truck, which contained a bevy of Outlaw heroes, carrying some very nasty close up weapons.  The flame truck itself represented a massive threat, since it could set fire to any buildings in which the Spica might attempt to entrench themselves.

It's almost as if the River Gals knew they were coming...

Bringing a gun to a knife fight is usually a good thing... but bringing a mechanical K-9 to a fight is truly devastating!  A Spica and the Spear of Light were both set upon by the iron beasts, tying them up out in the open!

Even the ritual blades of the Holy Order seemed to bounce off the metal casings of the K-9's.  No matter how many blows were landed, the unnatural creatures remained standing.

In desperation, other Spica emerged from their hiding places to attempt to break the deadly stalemate.  The K-9's were nearly killed, but someone seemed to be "watching out" for them, and they did not fall.

Standing the shadows of this image is the culprit... The Enemy himself!!!  One of the Dark Council, brazen enough to show himself in the midst of the town.  His robes took on an even more sinister hue in the blood red glow of the RJ-1027 street lamps.

Suddenly, one of the damaged K-9's exploded in a ball of fire, injuring two Spica quite severely.  This was most unexpected.  What could this mean?

Can the Holy Order contain the dual threat of the River Gals and The Dark Council?  Wait and see, as it will be revealed in our next episode... Up In Smoke.

Color Harmony

Here's another set of comparison images shot using the Foldio studio.

These are the typical blue/white fade, which continue to look very interesting on that backdrop.

The base was created for an example at Reapercon a few years ago...

Now for the other backdrop, also from Hangar 18.

I may still try to shoot a few more sets with other backdrops that have been set aside for a while.

They are definitely small enough to fit inside the Foldio booth without any trimming.  Stay tuned!