Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rudolf the red eyed Thrall...

Yes... another day, another Thrall.

I never really envisioned a day of assembly-lining things like these :-)

There will be quite the mob of these little buggers soon!

The legend of Zarelda

Here's a new version of Wild West Exodus Zarelda... a member of the Wayward Eight.

Aside from the Irradiate (and who doesn't love that!), she can also be a boon to a nearby Mercenary, giving them extra actions.

That's quite a nasty surprise! Curse your inevitable betrayal!

Iron age

Here are some shots of those Burn In Designs bases painted.

They certainly look different with a bit of color!

I have almost twenty more of them to paint!

Some have gears, others have deck plating and tubes...

Stay tuned!

These bases are destined for more Wayward Eight minis...