Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

As you can imagine, this post has a few images from the filming of the Painting Fur video.

That was also very fun!

I used some additional props this time :-)

I have done this with a number of the videos.  A 'visual aid' that showed how to paint fur at a size which would be much easier to see.  I could refer to it several times during the rest of the video.

Out come the Secret Weapon washes!!!

Some glazing and shading... establishing the darkest darks.

Time for some final details...

Just about done!

A healthy glow

Elementary, dear Watson.  No... that's elementals.  Here are a few shots of the Painting with Fluorescent paint video.  I used a Reaper spirit and fire demon as examples.

Recognize some of those lava colors?

Always trying to be sure to 'set the scene' with the colors that I will be using in that segment.

On to the ghost, and a different set of colors!

Feeling chilly? :-)