Monday, May 13, 2013

The ranks nearly filled

Look out Sebastian!  More spiders headed your way! :-)  While my original thoughts regarding the use of these beasties during my games centered on having them popping out of terrain, I see that they can do something else, if need be.

There have been many games where there was simply no way for me to effectively get at archers ensconced inside buildings, or at least standing on walls.  Very frustrating.  At least now I have something that is guaranteed to get up there and go after them!

This is just about it for the regular spiders.  I need to sculpt myself a spider queen and some broodlings at some point...

A little color, a little freehand...

I snapped a few pictures as I painted the sci fi base of sculpey and polystyrene tubing.  The colors were very basic.  I began with a dark brown/blue mix, and lightened it with a greenish grey, until it was almost white.

Then I dug out 2 washes from Secret Weapon.  Soft body black and concrete.  The concrete was is especially interesting, since it is semi opaque, and lighter.  It is very fun for bases!

You can see here that I have put down a few layers of the glazes on the base, choosing certain areas to darken more than others.  Aside from regular shading, I am trying to create just enough contrast for a bit of the freehand to show.

Now for some rust, using my normal watered down Calthan brown...

Then the freehand designs, making sure that they don't get too bright.  I water down the colors to help insure this happens!

And your final base!  The miniature on this is coming soon!