Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Indeed there is!  The sixth member of the Wayward Eight is Sun Totem.

He's got some very fancy duds there!  At least according to that universe. :-)

Her he is with his sister...

A very scary family combo!

Six of the Eight.

The final two are just about complete!

Secret whispers of things to come...

Remember all those bases I was talking about?

Not only am I in a basing frenzy of my own, but the amazing Mr. Justin of Secret Weapon Miniatures fame has been quite busy as well.  There are a number of fantastic base designs, including these two.

Let's begin with a very appropriate to the season Corpse Fields.

These are gonna be a whole lot of fun to paint!

I think the deep set of the designs will allow for some nice gore and other effects, just like the skull bases.

Get ready for some gruesome scenes!  I am already trying to find some fun miniatures for these :-)

With all the epic rain we have been having, I could not resist the Sewer Works set.

Once again, I am perusing the stacks of minis around here for just the right figures to place on these.

My first thought would be Rogues, Assassins and Thieves.

That's great, since I have a number of Reaper Bones figures of just that type!

I also think some Dark Sword figures will find their way onto these wonderful platforms.

Nice designs that tell a story... and actually give you a place to put your miniatures.  What more could you want?

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