Monday, September 12, 2016

A Sniper on the Loose

Next up on the Isorian unit list is the Phase Sniper.  As usual, there's a small drone included in the unit.  I'm continuing the same basing and color scheme throughout the entire force, with some variations here and there as need be.

When carrying a color scheme across an entire army, as I have done any times, the real trick is to create a scheme which can not only be repeated over and over again... but one that can also be applied to vehicles and heavy weapons.

Creating something that looks cohesive on both standard infantry and 'irregular' objects such as these weapon platforms takes experience and careful planning.

This is why the color test figures are done along with the bigger, more specialized pieces.  However, the color test piece is carried all the way through to completion, while those other units wait until that pattern is more ingrained in my head.

Any time you have a carapice such as this, the temptation is always to do various spot patterns.  Since I wasn't sure if I wanted to imply more of a manufactured look to that section of the figures, I kept it a more solid color.

One reason I did these rusty deck plating style bases was to give some easy contrast to the far warmer and more saturated colors of the figures themselves.

I have taken a few initial group shots of the figures which are already complete.  They showed me that the color scheme will indeed work out across the entire army... so stay tuned for more!