Friday, December 15, 2017

Hobby Madness!

Hey folks!  It is time to explore the Mansions of Madness with a new texture roller from Green Stuff World.  I also wanted to show you a few new leaf cutters and the rolling pin guides.

As usual, I brought out the sculpey to make some new texture sheets.  This will be a lot easier with the roller guides, as there are 3 thicknesses.  I prefer the extra firm grey sculpey for this task, especially with more detailed texture rollers.

It takes a little more effort to get the grey sculpey in a more pliable form, but that is what also makes it much stronger than the regular white sculpey.

The plain rolling pin makes it a snap to get a general flat shape to the big blob of sculpey, as you make sure to roll in both directions to extend out the shape into more of a rectangle.

Once you get a shape like this, you are ready to roll!  I have the thinnest guide ring on at this point.  I use the thicker rings for the white sculpey.

Here's the freshly rolled out sheet.  You can see all the Cthulhu-esque textures!  Quite blasphemous!

Next up we have the leaf punches.  You have seen me using these on more and more of my bases and vehicles.  I really love these!  Heck, I may even start using them on my terrain pieces as well.

I start by collecting leaves of all colors.  I used to focus on fall leaves for obvious reasons, until I really started to need green leaves!  So, I try to grab those in summer too.

You will have to press them in a heavy book, or something similar,  I suggest that you punch the leaves sooner rather than later, as the more crispy the leaves get, the more likely they are to break up as you stuff them in the roller.

These will be very handy, especially the smaller leaves.  We have a good collection of the larger shapes, and these smaller ones will be great for Dark Sword miniatures, which are more "true scale" with realistic sized hands and feet!

Leaves punched!  I have lots of figures now that are based on the texture rollers with scattered leaves!  Again, they are very handy for putting on my vehicles, and I will try to work them into my terrain as well.

I am hoping to do more basing style videos for the patreon page.  Also, I may include some hand made bases in new pledge levels!