Saturday, December 9, 2017

Having a Blast

This very fun miniature from the Counterblast miniatures game was painted in both oil paints and regular acrylic paints.  As you have seen me do more and more these days, I did a majority of the blocking in of color and blending with the oil paints, and then used the acrylic paints to finish the details.

There are a few reasons for this procedure... it allows me to work on far more figures at the same time, particularly in the Shaded Basecoat phase.  This means that I can not only block in lights and darks on many more figures, but the extended drying times means that I can do far more blending than I would normally be able to do with faster drying acrylics.

While I am doing more and more of the figure with oils, I do like the option of using the acrylic paints to finish them off once the oils have dried.  There has been no issue with the paint not sticking, and in any case I will be brushing on my dullcoate sealer afterwards.

This was an early attempt back in March... those of you who have seen the most recent posts and Facebook live sessions know that I have found out methods to do even more of the figure with oils.  These Counterblast figures by Bombshell were about 40% oils.  Now I am getting into the 80-85% range!!

Her sisters are also here:

I will try to paint one of these on a facebook live session at some point, to show you how to use the oils as a starting point, and then completing a figure with "standard" acrylic paints.  This is why the Patreon Page was started, so that I could have more time for the facebook live broadcasts.