Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hound of the Baskervilles!

Time for another demon doggie from Privateer Press.

Just like the other Circle puppies, I had to play around with some subtle changes in the reds here to get some shape, while still matching previously painted figures.

This is an interesting case where I actually liked the plastic versions more than the metal.  In particular, this guy was very nice.  Even though the mould lines were in some unusual places, I liked the pose, and the way the faces and fur were sculpted.

Ironically, the cool colors of the snow are helpful, since they make even the coolest reds still seem warm!

Blood Bowl, Demonette style

Here's another member of the Sukubus Studios Demonette Blood Bowl team!

After I had been able to work on a few of these, I was able to establish a color scheme a little more firmly.

I wanted to be true to the concept art, but create some subtle variations and markings that would make them more alive.

All of these will be an interesting exercise in working with the tiny variations in color temperature and saturation.  This is also against the backdrop of the greenish floor and tentacles.   Stay tuned for more!