Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not the Butt of a joke...

All right, time for a rifle butt to the chops!  The second of the Warrior Nation Scalpers ready for action.

Once I get a few more of these guys ready, it's time for the first action with the Free Peoples.

The first game that I play with them will be pretty character heavy, as it was with the Outlaws.  I want to get a sense of what each of them can do, and then try to create individual posses with their own combos, etc.

Talon and Claw

Here's a figure that I painted as part of the Painting Pyramid video series.  It was one of several "large creature" videos that were created as stretch goals as things moved along.

I was able to add a few extra touches recently, such as the rider!

Also, I added foliage from Hangar 18 and Gamer's Grass.  The tufts came from Kings Hobbies and Games.

Those were elements that I wished were available to me years ago when this was first done.  It was worth the wait!!!

The yellow leaves meant that I could emphasize the yellows in the front talons more, since that color would be repeated (and hence balanced) by the leaves of a similar color.

The rider's very fragile standard was replaced by a very nice and sturdy Raging Heroes sword... one of those extra bits that you get in the metal kits which come in so handy!

I was also able to reflect many of the feather and fur shades in the armor.  I wanted that to be gold, but I also thought it would harmonize nicely with the reddish browns, umbers and ochres of the fur.

He's also here: