Monday, October 3, 2016

Hunting Expedition

Now it's time to see some finished images of the Matilda test vehicle!

If you recall the step by step articles, there were a number of experiments conducted with the AMMO paints and pigments.

It was so different working with the oil based products!  Most of the time, I was just seeing what a particular type of paint might be able to do, so I focused more on pushing the limits of the materials.

In the future, I will be working on several tanks and vehicles all at once, which is a better way to take advantage of the oils and their slow drying times!

I have a whole army of Italian vehicles set to go, along with all the German units, so that should be a great opportunity to try more techniques.  I'm also using the oils on my regular infantry, in yet another grand experiment.

I also have an entire Soviet force that will be winter/urban in nature, so we'll see how many different ways we can winterize vehicles.  I'll probably be using a lot of the white Filters, and even mixing the white powders with pigment fixer to scatter that around the vehicles.

I was especially happy with the way the various mud products mixed with the leaves and grass.

This was the one vehicle I had visualized for that effect, and now I can't wait to see what other crazy mixes I can develop!

An yes, there are still some BEF infantry that go along with this tank, so stay tuned!!