Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Great Horde

As the great Winter Horde project enters the final chapters, I thought I might review a few aspects, such as the basing and some "environment" or terrain pieces, which I made along with it.

Here's the first article showing the terrain stands under construction:

Another article showing the painting:

Some snow effects:

A review of some other miniatures which have all been part of this same massive project!

More from Red Box Games:

As you can see, these not only make nice backdrop pieces for photos, they are also nice pieces of terrain!  They are similar to a few stands that I made for our Wild West Exodus games.

In any case, these didn't take a lot of time and expense to create, but the decorative element they will add to any game is far greater.  The more believable the setting, the more enjoyable the gaming experience.